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Recent Pictures Sent By Owners

Recent Pictures Sent by Owners
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Yeah! Yogi is 1 year old!!! Thank you again for raising such a handsome and happy dog! We are blessed as he has brought so much joy to our family.
2 weeks at our home, Jefe is doing well! Last night he slept through the whole night! He is learning and growing so much. He is an active curious fellow, and we love having him in our family! This is his 2 week photo, he is resting between Greg's feet. He loves our yard and being out in it. 
Hope you are well, and enjoying your summer.
Marcia and Greg 
Well here it is almost a week since we brought Sadie home and I thought I would give you a little update. She seems to be doing very well. We love watching her boundless enthusiasm for running & playing with the leaves outside, and her various toys inside. She is very curious about everything and is easily distracted by the next noise or movement around her. So cute!! She readily follows us and we do not need a leash to do laps around the back yard or up and down the grassy slope. Her night time schedule has settled into sleeping from 10:00pm until 7:00am with one pee break around 3:30. Now she is going right back to sleep after we put her back in her crate. Her appetite is good - usually eats more than 1/4 cup in 3 different feedings. She only had one stool that was quite soft but that was after the deworming pill so I thought that was nothing to worry about. We are using a fraction of a treat when she potties outside, (just a crumb) and she already knows to look for one as soon as she is done. She plays hard and then she zonks out. We have left her home alone a couple times and she has been just fine. Did not seem over anxious about our return either. Which is a good sign.

We are very pleased with Sadie. She has brought us lots of laughter and fun already.
Halo adjusted wonderfully and we absolutely are head over heals in love with this little guy!! We indoor trained him using pee pads and then potty trays. He had it down at 4 months! So cute to see him run to the washroom, lol. We've also crate trained him. He slept through the night in no time at all it seemed. 
... He's such a blessing to us!! 
Tomorrow Abby will be one year old .She is the happiest most precious little dog and we have had sooooo very much enjoyment from her She is very spoiled and we don't care she is constantly at my husbands side his great companion.

Thank you for picking Abby for us she is the best . 
The many faces of the same dog :)   Pooh Bear
Here are two photos of Harvey in his superman costume on Halloween! He looked absolutely adorable!

Harvey has been an amazing addition to our family, he has brought so much joy and happiness into our home. Today he went to the Children's Hospital to visit with my friend and her daughter, my friends infant son is terminally ill. She asked that I bring Harvey over to help give her other child some happy memories while they are living in the hospice home. Honestly, I don't think this first week could have gone any better, he has had minimal accidents in the house, has slept quite well at night, has played hard with the kids and consequently had hours long naps throughout the day. We have brought him to show and tell at the kindergarten, and have had a revolving door of adoring children coming to meet him. He has been showered with love and attention like you wouldn't believe. We are so grateful to have him in our lives!

Hope all of the other puppies have had as wonderful of a first week in their new homes!
Newman made the 4,000 km 6 day drive to Mexico pretty good. The first two days in the crate, he got sick but the final four days he sat on Lori's lap and was great.

He loves the beach and playing in the waves, chasing crabs and digging holes and rolling around in the sand. He also loves the shower he gets each time after the beach.

He not 100% on the command "come" on the beach because when he sees a crab he is gone.

He comes down to the pool each morning and gives kisses to the ladies doing water aerobics.

He has adapted to condo and elevator life very quickly. We were surprised at how his bathroom routine was almost unaffected by a new home and having to go up and down an elevator,

He was 9.5 pounds at the last vet appointment so he is around 10 pounds by now and we absolutely love having him in our lives.
Sadie at 9 months
Here is a photo of Zach at 15 weeks. He is a real sweetheart. He loves being outside and has lots of energy and spunk. We are so happy that he has come into our lives. 

This sweet girl is 2 years old already. I’m not sure where the time went. Sidney is a lover of everything that moves (and even some things that don’t, like her teddy bear). She is smart, has a gentle disposition, but also likes to stir things up when she’s ready to play. She has daily play dates with the dog across the street and after a little doggy WWF, they even share bones and trade off with each other after 10 minutes or so. She is everything I hoped she would be and she is well-loved. Thanks!
Pooh Bear
Sadia and Yogi at 9 months
Shanti - the picture says it all :)
This is what commitment looks like :)
Thank you so much for making it possible for us to have MoJo!  
We just know he is by far the cutest 

and smartest dog ever!
Leo and Betty Lou