Puppy testimonials
"We are extremely pleased with our female
Havanese puppy, Little Lady Sasha, from the
Parker family.  She is an absolute delight, a very
loving and well-adjusted dog.  It's obvious that even
before we got her she was handled extensively as
she was extremely comfortable being held and
handled.  She has fit in beautifully with our family
and our other 2 dogs, and was the perfect choice for
us, as recommended by Lorraine after we described
our other dogs' personalities.

We've been extremely impressed with her, and would definitely recommend a Parker Puppy."

JL    Calgary, AB

It was so great to meet you all yesterday! your family and your puppies are wonderful :) Rylee was AMAZING all the way home yesterday. She just laid down and went to sleep. She didn't make a sound. We stopped every few hours to let her out. She went to the bathroom each time and let us know that she had to go with a little whimper. She slept in her kennel all night with no mess or fuss. So far today she continues to let us know when she needs to go out with a little whimper so no messes in the house yet!!! We absolutely love her!!

CR 9/13/09  Beisker, AB

I know that there is no way we
could ever live without Rylee now.
She is so amazing and sweet.

CR 10/17/09 Beisker, AB

Rylee is learning how to walk on a leash properly without pulling, stopping to sit at stops, and staying beside you. Just as an update she can now sit, shake a paw, trade paws, give high-five, lay down, roll over, dance, and stay. It really is amazing...She absolutely LOVES children and everyone that she meets...

CR 10/17/09 Beisker, AB

CO  10/13/09  North Bay, ON

Hi. We are in love! She is very good. We have changed her name to Abigail (Abbi).

B Family  10/8/09     Edmonton, AB

We wanted to say thank you so much for allowing our family to come to
your home on Saturday to get to know your puppies. The kids sure did
have a good time and it was defiantly a valuable experience to help us
decide which dog to buy.

J Family 9/29/09  Calgary, AB

Training is going extremely well. We went without paper. Pepper is happy to go into his kennel whenever. He has rarely whined. His accidents seem to be when the kids take him out of his kennel to play without going outside first! He has brought lots of love into our family. Thank you yet again!

LD 6/9/09  Red Deer, AB

I just wanted to touch base this morning. We brought Dexter (Ripples) home last night and he settled in quite easily. He played hard until 10:30 then went in his kennel and we didn't hear a peep from him until we got up at 6:00. When I took him upstairs to wake the kids up this morning I experienced one of those moments I will remember for the rest of my life. The look of pure love on my son's face this morning was honestly one of the most beautiful things I have seen. Aleya was excited to come home from school today so that she could pick up some poop.
We can already tell what a wonderful addition he will be to our family. Thank you again for welcoming our family into your home yesterday and letting us keep a small piece of the magic!
Blessings to you all,
L Family  6/5/09   Lacombe, AB

We took Susie to the vet this evening. 2 of the
vets were in today and both were completely
smitten with her. They both think that she is
perfect for our family (and most families with kids).
They were so impressed with how healthy and
clean she was.

J&J W 12/23/09  Toronto, ON

Just a quick hello from the V's and Benji. He has
been a pleasure and a joy to have in our house. He
now at 15 weeks sleeps through the night and has
been a wonderful addition to our family. He is a lot of
fun, enjoys going for walks sleeping in his bed in the
kitchen, driving to pick up the kids from school and
simply being a part of the family. He is healthy and
lovely. He will be getting his third set of shots in 1
week. He loves to play in the back yard and now
loves to go on walks which took a bit of getting used
to for Benji. He never barks only when he wants to
play and is gentle and kind to any guests that come
to our home.

Thank you again for giving us Benji and allowing us to adopt such a wonderful dog
V Family    Edmonton, AB

Hi, this is just a little update on how Lucy is
doing! We all are totally crazy about her and
she’s fit in quite well! We’ve taught her some
commands and she’s picked them up really
quickly she’s a smart dog!
Here is a picture of her recently.

A. Family 12/2/09  Edmonton, AB

Bella is doing great!! She seems to have adjusted very well
and we are so happy to have her here, she is such a love! She is
doing well in the crate, She doesn't love it but does settle down and
sleep once she quiets.
She has been invited to go to Olivia and Zoe's preschool class so that
the kids can see how much she grows and changes through the year.
( how cute!) She LOVES to cuddle and we have a few new toys for her
that she willingly shares with our other dog Cali on occasion!!
She has stolen all of our hearts!
We will send off some more photos soon!
Thank you again!
C Family  11/20/09   Leduc, AB

Bella is doing fantastic! Her "true" personality is
really coming out and it is sweet. She is a real
rascal at times but loves to cuddle up with us and
is full of love. She even went for a little "hike" in the
field with us and our other dog. She keeps up
without a problem and loves the snow!
C Family 11/23/09

Merry Christmas to all of you!
May you have a wonderful Christmas full of love, peace and joy!
We are so in love with Bella what a fantastic present!
All the best in 2010!!!  C Family

Dexter is doing great. He is getting along very well with every one and is better than we could have ever expected. For first time dog owners, we didn't really know what to expect but we're thrilled with Dexter and the Havanese breed. Even my parents who would rarely let any animals in their home love him to death. Dexter's really changed their way of thinking about dogs. My 85 year old grandmother can't get enough of him and he's for her. Everyone loves him except for our rabbit, Timbit. Dexter kinda terroizes him, so they aren't the best of friends.
He's really coming along and is showing how smart he is and can be. We're almost there on the house breaking but still has the odd accident. For the most part, he is pretty good and will go to the door. The problem is that he is so quiet, we have to check on him because he hardly barks (not complaining.)
He's had his regular vet appointments and is doing very well. Just over 7 pounds now and soon he will go in to be neutred. We'll let you know how that goes.
The crating has been excellent. He cries when we leave but is great at night and doesn't complain until we let him out in the morning.
I don't want to get too long winded, so I'll keep it at that for now.
Our family is very thankful
MA  2/18/10

Hi Lorraine! I was going to write you tonight to let you know that he is doing SO great! He travelled really well and has gotten really cozy with me! I took him over to meet my nephews and gave my oldest nephew Chayse the honor of giving him his name. Chayse chose the name "danger"... which I think is quite ironic, seeing how there is nothing dangerous or aggressive about him. But I guess it sorta makes it cute. :)
I got the proper puppy food, and also some treats that are wheat free as well. Like I said he is doing AWESOME. He is so well behaved... so relaxed and sooooo cuddly. I love him so much and am really grateful to have met you guys and to have been able to take him home. :) Thank you so much again.
As he grows I will send you pictures! :)

EM  10/19/09  Lethbridge, AB

The boys named her Tara (as in Gone with the wind) I have decided to use the crate for her, she goes in it all the time when she has had enough playing with the boys (yes they can tire her out, they want to play all the time). She also has been sleeping in it every night and waits for me to get up in the morning, then she heads straight to the back door to go outside. Not one accident in the house yet!! She is amazing!! I took her to work today and she loves it there. I got her a long leash so she can reach anywhere on the front lawn or come in to her bed beside me. She has been very badly spoiled by everyone, I think she is up to about 15 toys in her toy box (bone shaped) now. She is soo cute, she sticks her head in her toy box and pulls them all out one at a time and drags them outside. Every time it rains we all have to run to the back yard and collect them all for her. Whatever you were doing for her barking seems to have worked, she only barks when she wants attention, or at the back door if she wants outside.
Thanks to all those who have shared. Updates and additions are welcomed. We love to hear from you.
He (Chestnut) is doing absolutely amazing!  He is making it outside to do his business MOST OF THE TIME ;-) and I have managed to get him to go in the same place!  He loves his kennel and the towel that you gave us has worked out perfectly!  He is getting along great with all the kids!  He is such a great dog!!  Thank you for blessing our home with this little bundle!

JG   Calgary, AB
May 04, 2010

Just wanted to let you know Trooper is doing very well!!  He adjusted to the crate very nicely...& in fact never whined after the first night!!  (unless,  of course to go outside......which only happened for the first 3 nights)   He has been sleeping thru till morning ever since!!

He has no shortage of kids to play with......our 3 boys,  the kids on the block,  and at the lake, too.   Seems everywhere he goes...there's an "entourage" following him......we now have to convince him he's not the boss!!

He knows sit,  shake,  & down already.  We're still working on 'stay'.....this one is harder for him.   He can fetch as well....(& actually brings the ball back, now)   He is also a bandit-thief!   I cannot leave tea-towels on the oven handle unless I want to play "chase me".   I know we'll have to correct that.....but right now,  he's just so very cute!!

He's been a wonderful addition to our family.....the boys & I would like to thank you for him.   It's been so much fun so far...
                        Calgary, AB   June/1/10
(Watson has been in training to ring the bell to go outside to do his business.)
I will now tell you a funny story as to how smart this little man is.  I was doing some spring clean-up in my backyard the other day and Watson was getting himself into all sorts of trouble with ants, spiders, leaves and worms, etc.  Of course I was a bit nervous about him being around all that stuff so I put him inside the house but left the door open, so he could still see me through the screen door.  Well, he did not like that one little bit.  Even though Isabelle was trying to distract him by playing with his (hundreds of) toys, he was scratching at the screen and crying and whining a lot.  After about 10 minutes or so of this, he suddenly went really quiet and next thing I hear the bell ringing!  I couldn't believe it.  It was almost as if he all of a sudden realized "hey, wait a minute.  If I ring this bell, they have to let me out"!  He was right.  Outside he came (I thought to do his business).  Not at all!  He wanted to play with the bugs!....

May 16/10  Calgary, AB
I would like you all to meet our puppies.  Of course, first there was Watson.  He used to be brown, black and white but you can now see he is white/champagne with some black in him.  Then beside him is his sister (yes, an actual litter mate) and her name is Tosca.  Tosca just came to us on Thursday and she is smart, beautiful and we are really happy to have her.  Our family is complete!  A boy and a girl.  Life can't get much better than it is right now.  I hope this finds you all well and happy.

Love,            Isabelle & Pauline  (Calgary)
Here is an illustration of a color change that can happen. Watson shown here on the right is the same Watson in the picture below. (Mac)
This is an update on Lucy,
Me (Ali) my mom and dad (Bill and Diane) and my sister (Hannah) got her last year around thanksgiving. So far she is doing amazing! She is so calm and loving, and we all love her to bits. She is very good at all her tricks which include: sit, stay, down, dance, roll over and more
I attached a picture of Lucy when we first got her and a picture of her today! She is an amazing dog i love her so much  
Ali             Dec/10/10

As it's just about one year from when Issy arrived in our home, we thought that we would send you a few recent pictures. Issy has fit in and become part of the family. She loves playing with Barnum (the dachsund) or Jamie. She loves going to the cottage in the summer, riding in the boats & even swims when it gets really hot. She goes to the bus each morning to see Jamie off to school & is very excited when he gets home. All of Jamie's schoolmates really love Issy too. We have been watching the website to see the new arrivals. Jamie wants us to get Shakespeare as a little brother for Issy...

John, Jackie & Jamie   Dec/18/10

At the end of June Rylee completed her Level 2 agility - once again, her speed, skills, and natural ability shone through! She was amazing! She has added the bridge, multiple tunnels, higher A-frames, and several different obstacle sequences to her long list of accomplishments :) we are SO proud of her and have had both of our instructors ask to use her in competition as soon as she is finished her final level - level 3. It is quite an honour to have such professional people wanting desperately for Rylee to compete, and be willing to take her if we aren't wanting to do the travelling. So, of course we have signed Rylee up for level 3 which starts the first Wednesday in September - We can't wait!!! Hopefully soon we will be able to get some pictures of Rylee in action to share!

Also good news for Rylee, we have moved into town directly across from an athletic park, trails and green space which of course means that Rylee has been able to get out and explore a lot of new places and run around in wide open spaces off leash :) She loves to play in the long grass, run in circles as fast as she can, and then "hide" in the grass and pounce on your feet then take off again. It is very cute and extremely entertaining! Rylee has also proven to be very sensitive and in tune with our emotions - whenever one of us is feeling under the weather Rylee is always there to cuddle up beside us, rest her head on your neck or shoulder and comfort us.

Words just can't begin to explain the amount of comfort, joy, excitement, and love that Rylee has brought into our lives. She fits us perfectly in every way and there is no possible way either of us could imagine life before, or without her. Even my mom loves her so much that she calls herself grandma, and my 4 1/2 year old nephew calls us on Skype so that he can have a "video chat" with Rylee and she can lick him through the computer lol.

Catie, Brandon and Rylee =  Aug/22/10
This is a wonderful testimony of agility.
Shadow absolutely loves to play fetch.  He's like a little jackrabbit.
Margie & Tim - Red Deer

Here is a picture of cousins that were both born March 2010.  They are about six months old in the picture.  Bobby in front is from Missy's litter and Pixie, behind is from Duchess.  People frequently ask how it is taking two puppies at the same time.  These two seem to be doing really well.  The main thing if you are interested to get two puppies at the same time would be knowing that you are able to give enough individual time to each, especially in the training process.